The MOMS Club of Woodland Hills, CA is a great way to make friends with other stay-at-home moms. The Club also provides a great opportunity for your children to have fun in a social setting with other children their age. Every month the MOMS Club of Woodland Hills offers fun and interesting activities for its members.


As a member you are invited to join us monthly for our General Meeting, Activity Day, MOMS Night Out, and for our weekly Playgroups.


Membership benefits also include a monthly Newsletter with a current calendar of events and important Club information, plus participation in our Online Community, Helping Hands Program, Babysitting Co-op, and our Service Projects. But, most importantly, you will receive support from a group of moms who know the challenges you face as a stay-at-home mom.


Membership fees help to pay for supplies, activities, and group events. Membership dues are $30 yearly.


If you would like to join, please contact us at



Once a month, the Club meets to conduct Club business. Your voice and opinion are important, we want to hear from you! Children are always welcome, so it can be a bit chaotic, but we always have fun. We often have a speaker come and share important and interesting information. General Meetings are open to non members, so if you'd like to see what we're all about, please visit us! For more information on meeting times and locations, contact us at


Helping Hands is a program that allows us to help our fellow moms during times of need, such as births, illnesses, deaths, etc. We help with services such as making meals, babysitting, grocery shopping, house cleaning, and more. This program truly makes a real difference when a Mom is in need and is greatly appreciated.


Our members also take part in a secure web-based club organizer which is a great way to reach out to other moms. Whether you have a question about a good doctor, potty training, or tantrums, the Moms in our Club are a wealth of information.


One night each month we get together for a moms only event. We usually meet at a restaurant for dinner but sometimes do a fun activity such as bowling. Sometimes we even meet at a member's home for fun evenings such as a movie night or a fondue party. These evenings provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a little "moms only" companionship and conversation.

Playgroups provide support by enabling moms and children to really get to know each other in a smaller, more relaxed setting. Playgroups also help children develop social skills in a fun and safe environment.

Each MOMS Club Chapter does their part to help support local charities within their community by participating in at least one Community Service Project per year. Click here for more information on current and past projects.


Can you imagine sitting by yourself, having a cup of coffee and reading a book? What about getting your hair done? How about a doctor's appointment without the pitter-patter of little feet? The Babysitting Co-Op provides the perfect opportunity for a mom to take some time for herself - guilt free. When you watch a child, you earn points and when someone watches your child, you spend points. It's just that simple. The Co-Op allows you to take a break so you can recharge your batteries. And when you are doing the watching, your child has a playmate and everyone has a fun day.


Gourmet Gals get together monthly to explore various cooking and baking methods.

Each member takes a turn hosting at their home. The host will decide on the recipe and each mom buys a particular ingredient. During the event, the moms alternate between recipe prep work and watching the kids. At the end, everyone goes home with a delicious homemade meal!


The MOMS Club of Woodland Hills enjoys many social events throughout the year. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday, Valentine's Day, Spring, and Mother's Day celebrations. Our members volunteer to help plan the events which are usually potluck and a whole lot of fun!


Once a month, our Newsletter is published for our members and is sent out via email. The Newsletter includes information regarding upcoming events such as fundraisers and parties, new members, mom's and children's birthdays, birth announcements, and advertisements from local businesses. As always, the Newsletter also includes a monthly calendar to tell members about scheduled events such as General Meetings, Activity Days, MOMS Night Out, and Playgroups.


Crafty Chicks meet once a month to make a unique homemade craft. Each month we will have a different theme, but will keep the projects relatively simple and inexpensive. The kids are welcome to participate, depending on the project.



Throughout the month, everyone is invited to participate in a fun outing. Past activities include the L.A. Zoo, Travel Town, the Natural History Museum, Kidspace Museum, and many more. Activity Days are a fun way to get to know fellow moms as well as have a wonderful experience with your child.


The MOMS Club® is a nonprofit corporation and a 501 (C) (3) publicly-supported registered charity.