Woodland Hills Mom is a new group that is just forming. We have many moms in our group already but we are always looking for more moms to join us. We will have play dates once we are able to get out of our houses again. We also have Mom Nights Out and a Book Club plus much more.

As a non-profit and service-oriented group we rely on the participation and support of all our members to make the group successful and fun. The quickest way to make friends is to get involved as soon as you join. Each member's special talents and ideas help to keep the group and its events dynamic.


You are free to participate as much or as little as you are able, but remember, you will only get as much out of the group as you put into it. Many moms find that group involvement helps to fill a void that used to be filled by employment outside the home.

We urge all members to attend events regularly, especially General Meetings, and to help out as often as they can. As a member, you will receive the support of other moms by participating in group activities.


Please contact kalyn.heywood@gmail.com for more information. 

We hope you will join us soon!